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THE BOAT BABE, TIPS ON BOAT LIVINGRecently, I purchased a motor yacht that I now call home. To avoid sounding ultra pretentious, I’ll try to stick to referring to my liveaboard yacht as a boat for the rest of this post. Although to be honest, the word yacht never gets old. If you would’ve asked this flight attendant six months ago if she’d be living on a boat, she would have told you that you’re crazy. But there’s a lot I’ve learned in a short amount of time and I can now say that I feel very much at home when I’m on my boat. It’s so nice when I’m not flying to have a place to call home that feels like a vacation!


Are you thinking of buying a boat and living onboard? Or maybe you just purchased a boat!

Here are some of the products that I can’t live without.

  1. Dawn Dish Soap (Original Blue)

If you’ve been following my adventure, you’ll know that the first time I stepped foot on my boat after she was in her slip, a giant oil slick spread over the water! This is every boaters worst fear! There I stood, terrified that I was going to be responsible for sick fishes and a hefty fine directed on me by the coast guard. Was my local marina going to kick me out?

Just like you might have seen on the news after oil spills, Blue Dawn is used to clean the oil off affected fauna such as local ducks. One of my neighbors was quick on his feet and grabbed the Blue Dawn from my kitchen as quickly tossed some on the oil slick. Before my eyes, the oil slick dissipated. We still had to contain the oil of course, but at least it was less visible to my neighbors and more importantly, the coast guard. Every boat owner hopes they never have to deal with an oil or fuel spill, but if you do, having Blue Dawn on board as well as bilge pads is everything.


2. Amazon Prime

Why is amazon prime significant for a boat owner? I can’t exactly get packages on my boat, right? I could write a list of why I live for amazon prime, but the list would probably overflow the capacity of my blog, so I’ll keep it simple.

Amazon has free two day shipping for prime members. Why is speed of delivery so important? In the short time I’ve owned my live aboard boat, I’ve had a variety of maintenance issues and let me tell you, boat parts are not always easy to come by. And if you do have them at your local marine store, the parts are generally astronomical! When my shower adapter nozzle broke, I was unable to shower until I received the new part. Amazon made sure I received the unique boat part in two days. I’ve also bought marine hoses, filters and all kinds of unique latches on Amazon. Everything is cheaper and with prime’s expedient shipping, I never have to worry. And with Prime new lockers, I don’t need a door step for packages.

The next biggest perk of Amazon Prime is the video streaming that’s included in the membership. Some boat owners have dishes on their boat, but in my humble opinion, it looks cheesy and I’m not a huge fan. This is the twenty-first century, people! It’s all about e-streaming. Amazon Video has just about everything you’d ever want to watch and it’s included in your prime membership! I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with anything baking or cooking related.


Prime Discounted Monthly Offering
I’m not sure how I feel about admitting that since I currently pay around 12 bucks, but it’s so worth it that I simply can’t complain.

Not ready to pull the trigger? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

3. A Good Go-To Book With Everything You Need to Know

My live aboard boat isn’t even a sailboat, but this book is still my go-to. Let’s be honest, the Dummy books are amazing, even if you’re an expert. The way the Sailing Book for Dummys is organized, it’s easy to find quick answers to any questions you might come up with. For me as a newbie, the dictionary of nautical terms as well as knots were useful on almost a daily basis. There is also tons of pertinent safety information. The cute nautical cartoons that begin every chapter also make this a super cute and fun coffee table book. I do keep it out in my main salon and every person that sits down, whether season sailor and old salt, to my landlubber flight attendant friends, thumbs through it. The book is inexpensive on amazon and if you have prime, you’re eligible for free two-day shipping. Or find it at your local used book store!

4. Damp Trap!

This is the less than glamorous side of boat living. Moisture is everywhere. Keep those musty smells and mold away by being proactive and having damp traps everywhere on your boat.

5. Cute Nautical EVERYTHING – Exhibit A, Mermaid Bottle Opener

Okay, this is probably the chick in me, but when I bought my yacht I thought okay, this is totally going to be my bachelorette pad. My goal was to make the boat my mermaid cave-which is why I totally fell for this Mermaid bottle opener. I keep it on my wet bar and it gets tons of action from myself and my marina neighbors. Let’s face it, when you live on a boat, everyone wants to come drink with you, so be prepared to open your beers in style.

6. Boat Wash

Take pride in your boat and keep it shiny clean! The brand Meguiar’s was recommended by my yacht broker, it’s what he used to keep the boats on his sales dock all shiny. Just don’t forget your microfiber cloths and deck brush!

7. Deck Grill

If you’re boat doesn’t already have a grill, it NEEDS one! I wouldn’t be the boat babe I am without drawing the neighboring sailors to my yacht by the intoxicating scent of grilled meat. The first three days on my boat, I grilled steaks, ribs and burgers! Most boat grills are attached via rod holder for safety purposes and I also recommend propane for this reason. Much safer. Most marinas do allow propane grilling as long as it’s over your boat and not your deck.

These seven things are sure to get you started. Are you a live aboard? Thinking about it? Or do you think I’m crazy for moving onto a boat? Let me know in the comment section. If you’re a seasoned salt, feel free to add anything you think is imperative to have as a live aboard.

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7 Products I can't Live Without on my Liveaboard Boat