Gods and Gladiators

Headed on a trip to Italy? I’ve got the perfect in-flight read to get you primed for an Italian Vacation.


Right now it’s free for Kindle Unlimited users and only 2.99 for regular e-book users.


GODS AND GLADIATORS by Jaye Shields is an extraordinary journey through time to a place of danger, helplessness, and brutal savagery. A well-written story of love that grows amidst action-filled scenes that expertly conjure amazing images of battle and destruction. The battles come to life before your very eyes, rather than just on the pages of a book. Jaye creates a wonderful romance between a warrior who has only known death, and an innocent woman who has witnessed more death than she should ever in her lifetime. Neither expects to survive yet they surrender their hearts and their bodies to each other at a time when only death may be the final outcome.” – Unwrapping Romance



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