Got Jet Blast? Maho Beach, Baby!


Where do two aviation nerds go for a romantic getaway? I was thinking sand, sun, tropical waters, rum drinks and…the roar of jet engines. And of course, get in touch with my inner dash trash… After all, jets aren’t everything. Maho Beach, baby! #JetBlast #PropQueen4Life

Where else could my love and end up besides Maho Beach, the famous beach in Sint Maarten where planes land right over a gorgeous stretch of beach. Nothing beats the way the ground shakes and your body bows against the sheer power of a 747 descending right on top of you. For my non-airline friends who aren’t sure what an epic sight that is-behold KLM and I on Maho during my last visit.

IMG_7299To get to SXM (Sint Maarten for you non-aviation readers) from where we live in the Bay Area, we took Delta SFO-JFK. I made homemade airplane cookies for the crew, but they got crushed before they made it to the plane, but the crew still had a great smile for my tragic cookies anyway. First class was empty since all the business travelers were home for the weekend and it became employee central.:) Yipee for Nonrev victories!

Jet Blue and DL both do JFK-SXM, but we ended up taking DL to SXM and then all the way back home. BIG SHOUT OUT TO DL FOR SPOILING US ON OUR ROMANTIC GETAWAY.

We wanted to be right on Maho and the only hotel that could satisfy our inner aviation geek is the Sonesta Maho. There are many other hotels on Sint Maarten, but none of them actually sit on the famous Maho beach. So ask yourself, do you want to plane spot from your hotel room or would you rather get away from all the jets? Clearly, we chose to plan spot with all-inclusive drinks in hand and powdery sand at our feet.


Sonesta Maho Best Available Rate: $372

Sonesta Maho Crew Discount: $174

$174 for two guests, all-inclusive meals and alcoholic beverages is insanely cheap! This is a crew discount that I can get onboard with. I spotted the deal on ID90, then called the hotel to confirm and they booked the room for me. I ended up upgrading to an ocean view room for $200 which is still a steal in my opinion.

Below: View from our balcony at the Sonesta Maho


We could plane spot from our balcony, the pool and all the restaurants.


My Review of the Sonesta Maho Beach:

The positive: If you love planes, this is an unbeatable locations. You can see aircraft of all kinds coming in at all hours. You don’t hear them from the hotel rooms so you can still have peace and quiet when you want it. The hotel has tons of activities from Mixology to Dance to Water aerobics, whatever you can think of. My man and I ended up participating in the newlywed game and it was a hilariously good time. The pool is lovely and has a swim-up bar to get your all-inclusive fix of tropical drinks. There are four restaurants on the premises and three of them have stunning beach views. The rooms are nice and come with two bottles of booze and a fridge with mixers. The bathroom is stocked with sun block and big spray (which thank goodness I didn’t have to use) but it was a nice touch.

The Negative: Almost everyone that works here (with the exception of the entertainment crews) will treat you like crap. This hotel probably has the worse service I’ve ever experienced. From the check-in desk to the bar, not a smile to be seen in sight. Want a drink, prepare to be scorned. The food at all of the restaurants is…okay. I would never ever have any kind of special even here due to the quality of food and customer service. Also, no room service, no coffee in the lobby. Just basic hospitality things are missing. On my last day when a convention was being hosted, the hotel put out coffee. Guess the rest of the guests don’t matter.

Final Verdict: For me, the location on the beautiful Maho beach outweighs all the negatives. The beach has powdery sand and clear turquoise waters, and the fact that you can swim in them as KLM descends over…just amazing.


Besides the incredible moment when KLM descends over Maho, probably one of my favorite plane spotting moments was DHL, whom I will forever more call the Badasses of the Sky! Check out this pic I took below of them giving some of the beach goers a buzz cut.

Once you get outside the resort, the people of Sint Maarten are super friendly and will welcome you with open arms. We took a beautiful sailing excursion, but the snorkeling visibility was non existent due to the wind. We were there four days and it was definitely not enough! I can’t wait to go back and this time will try to make it to Anguilla!


Have you been to Sint Maarten? Worked it? Let me know what you thought and if you have any other tips because I’m looking forward to going back!


I’ll leave you with a photo of my expression when I get buzzed by a 787 XOXO JAYE



Ready to plan a visit? Pin this image for later 🙂

Maho Beach is the most unique beach in the world. Check out this guide to visit and put Sint Maarten on your travel bucket list!



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25 thoughts on “Got Jet Blast? Maho Beach, Baby!

  1. Oh my god I’m so jealous! This is going to sound super weird, but KLM is my favorite airline (it’s a long story) and I’ve known about this beach for quite some time because it’s like a KLM fan hotspot and I’ve always wanted to go!! Love these photos and looks like a blast.

    1. If you’re a huge KLM gal then you have to go asap because I heard the 747 is going to stop flying there! When we were there it only landed there twice during the time we were visiting. It’s absolutely amazing and I think everyone (airline or not) should experience it!

    1. The planes probably aren’t for everyone, but my boyfriend and I are both in the airline industry so we’re aviation nerds 😉 Either way, Sint Maarten has gorgeous beaches aside from Maho. And don’t forget Anguilla and St. Barts are close by too!

    1. That’s awesome! I’m telling you, you should definitely go! It’s so unique. It’s romantic and relaxing, but you get some unforgettable action when you go down to the runway portion of the beach! Feel free to message me if you want any other deets about excursions or places to stay!

  2. I love St Martin and especially the Mullet Bay area. A friend and I spent a week about 5 minutes from there and had the best time. Now if I’m on a cruise with a St Martin stop, I’m always sure to get a taxi over to Mullet Bay!

    1. My other half and I love Sint Maarten and the mullet bay area and we were thinking of using a cruise as an excuse to get back. Did you feel like you had enough time there? I know sometimes cruises can feel rushed!

  3. OMG, I love planes SO FREAKING MUCH!!! I’m not flight attendant material, but if I didn’t have crazy hair, tattoos, and piercings, I’d totally apply, lol. I’ve always wanted to visit this beach. I’m freaking out just thinking about it! When we bought our house we were excited to find out it’s located on a flight line – we’re miles from the airport, so the planes aren’t a disturbance at all, but I love seeing them over our house every day. Our old house was on another flight line and the planes were much lower when they passed by. I felt like I could wave at the passengers, lol.

    1. You sound like you have the heart of a flight attendant or pilot! I luv that you plane spot from your home! My boyfriend and I live near two airports so we get to watch departures and call out which cities they’re going too. #aviationdorks

  4. It looks like great fun. Awesome pictures, love the one with plan specially.
    I love the way you have listed the positive and negative— really helpful in deciding for someone looking into travel.
    Now, I need a beach vacation!

    — DT | Here I Scribble

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