Wanna be a Lip Boss? This Side Hustle Might Be For You, its LipSense!

Become a LipSense Distributor with the Jump Start Program #LipBoss

Ahoy! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a flight attendant and published romance novelist and most recently a Lip Boss. Can you say girl got side hustle? That’s me.


I’m not a sales person…or at least I never thought I was. I don’t like to harass people or bug good folks to part with their hard earned money. If you follow my travels though, you’ll know that I recently became a LipSense distributor. LipSense is a lip color that lasts all day long. Like a lip stain, except you’re lips won’t dry out! I’m talking smudge proof, smile proof, coffee-lid proof and is perfect for a flight attendant like me that doesn’t have time to reapply or worry if she’s got bright red lip stick on her teeth when she’s greeting 176 passengers.


So that’s how I got sucked in. I signed up to be a LipSense distributor because it’s only $55 to sign up for wholesale prices, that means a 20%-50% discount off product. It’s a product I was addicted to so I figured for the price of buying two lip colors, I might as well sign up and get the discounts.



How I went from signing up for the discounts to actually selling as a LipSense distributor


But then something happened. Every day I wore my signature Blu Red LipSense lip color on the plane, my passengers seemed to notice that it still looked perfect (not to toot my own horn) and wanted to know what I was wearing. I thought, well, I’m already signed up for the discounts, might as well help these beautiful ladies get their hands on some long-lasting lip color. So here I am, getting paid to wear make up! And guess what, I don’t have to be that obnoxious sales lady because the product sells itself, I’m just the middle man-er-woman.

Become a LipSense Distributor with the Jump Start Program #LipBoss


But I’m not here to sell you on LipSense Lip Color. I’m here to enlighten you to the opportunity that I took advantage of. Right now LipSense is exploding as women begin to find out about the lip color that only comes off when you’re ready to remove it. If you wear lip color and don’t mind taking selfies, it’s entirely possible that you could make some moolah as a LipSense Distributor!


That’s right, get paid to do what you already do!


Don’t lie, I know you post selfies on social media. 😉 And that’s pretty much what I do daily to inform my customers on new colors, application techniques and so on.


Why sign up as a LipSense Distributor?

Become a LipSense Distributor #LipBoss

Make extra money from home (or on the road if you’re a flight attendant like me)


Low overhead/No risk. Signing up to be a distributor is only $55 and there are no monthly minimums of product to order so you control how much you want to invest in product. Want to order a bunch of colors for a huge discount? Great! Want to only order product if you have a buyer? That works too!


Discounts on the amazing product! Discount range from 20-50% depending on your order size.


Become apart of the Senesisterhood! The ladies that I’ve met after becoming a distributor are truly amazing and I like to think of them as good friend, kindred spirits and fellow lady bosses that are cheering for me to succeed. I know the term “Senesister” sounds super cheesy, but it’s totally true, you’ll have a whole knew group of lip boss friends.


Are you intrigued yet?


the Jump Start Program means it’s the perfect time for you to sign up!


Become a LipSense Distributor with the Jump Start Program #LipBoss

What is the Sentence “Jump Start” Program? It’s designed to give new distributors the best shot at success. Instead of having to order 600 PV worth of product to get the 50% discount, the company slashes that in half your first month. 50% off of your wholesale product means a huge profit margin!


A little bit nervous to sign up or have questions still? No worries, that’s what I’m here for!

Visit my page Jetsetter Glamour to see what I do or shoot me an email: JetSetterGlamour@gmail.com





I invested $55 in myself and I haven’t regretted it a day since. So what do you think, are you about to make Lip Boss your side hustle?

Haven’t tried this addictive product yet that has ladies ordering so many that the company can barely keep the lip colors in stock? Check out my page to order your first starter kit or this post on how I got addicted to LipSense in the first place!



The Luv Aviatrix

Jetsetter Glamour LipSense



A Flight Attendant's Beauty Secret LipSense Lip Color

LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour

My Flight Attendant Makeup Obsession…Can’t Fly Without It

Not to toot my own horn (prepare for horn tooting), but passengers ask me all the time what lip stick I’m wearing. Why do they ask? Well, I like to think it looks good, but usually my passengers notice that it’s still perfectly in place, un-faded, un-smudged and ultra-glamorous.

Jetsetter Glamour BluRed LipSense

Okay, you probably know at least one friend that is obsessed with LipSense…but I don’t think anyone can truly vouch for the product like a flight attendant. Here are three reasons why:


  1. Flight Attendants sometimes work over 14 hour days, constantly in front of passengers, with little or no time to touch up my makeup.
  2. Flight Attendants need to stay perky somehow, usually it’s by drinking obscene quantities of coffee or tea. Definitely coffee in my case, and nothing is more embarrassing than holding a cup with bright red lipstick marks. Major party foul.
  3. Flight Attendants gotta eat too, but usually if we get the chance, we have to gobble that food down as quickly as possible before some passenger approaches us needing something. My airport food go-to is hands down, big burritos with lots of guac. With LipSense, I can stuff my face with a giant burrito and afterward, my lips with be perfectly in place. Still working on the cilantro in my teeth problem…

What is LipSense?






Lipsense sold by Jetsetter Glamour


I have three glosses that are my go-to depending on the occasion. For flying, I use Glossy gloss for maximum glamour and shine and maximum moisturizing. Every girl should own a glossy gloss, even if just to wear it alone for the great moisturizing benefits. For a more subtle look, sometimes I reach for the matte gloss. When I’m wearing a lighter color like Bombshell, sometimes I kick it up a notch with the Bougainvillea gloss, it has a slight pink tint to it.


Want to see some of my favorite colors for when I’m flying?


LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour


LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour



LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour


LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour


LipSense Lipcolor from Jetsetter Glamour


Let me know in the comments, what color is your favorite?


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Flight Attendant Makeup, LipSense by Jetsetter Glamour