Pinterest: The Basics of Marketing


Besides being a professional jetsetter, I also love to write. I don’t so much love to market those books I have published, but it’s a necessary evil. Marketing feels like so much work when I’d rather be writing or traveling. I know many of my fellow published authors feel the same. Endless hours spent on facebook and twitter and for what? A few followers that facebook won’t even reach unless you pay? That’s right facebook, I’m pointing an angry finger at you. But I digress…


Why Pinterest Sucks Way Less!


So, I’ve always been on Pinterest because when I’m bored, it’s so fun and easy to just scroll through things without much commitment. Waiting for a plane to board, waiting on a delay, trying to ignore the person sitting way too close to me in the floating sardine can…Pinterest is a wonderful diversion! It’s so easy to pin images and save it’s content for a read later. And then I realized how this applied to marketing my books. I read a few blog entries, like this one, (found on Pinterest) that talked about how almost all their traffic comes from Pinterest, and I decided to try some of these tactics myself. It’s only my one week blogoversary and I’m impressed with my stats. They’re lackluster compared to bloggers that have been around a while of course, but it’s only week one and I’m already getting more daily views than the website I’ve had on Wix for three years. Now, I’m not talking thousands of daily views. But yesterday, I didn’t do any social media and I still got sixteen hits. My Wix site got zero. Today morning as of 1PM I have already gotten thirteen views and ten of those were via Pinterest, the other  being search engine referrals. Not earthshattering statistics, but seeing the amount of traffic that comes from Pinterest on a daily versus twitter and facebook leads me to believe that if I’m going to invest any time on social media marketing (free) it should be on Pinterest.


Every pin should link to your content

(Blog post, amazon buy link, ect.)

Make sure the image that your pinning is eye catching.

Text also helps as a call to action. (Example: Click for a steamy excerpt)

Make sure keywords are always in your description.

Keywords related to your pin will make the pinned image more searchable.

Pin and Repin.

Group boards are a great way to do more of this, which is important, because it’s one of the ways that Pinterest decides which pins to circulate more frequently and to which audiences to refer to.


How to Create or Edit a Pin


blog create a pin



Pinterest Tips

blog add info

From there, it’s easy. Just 4 Steps 🙂


blog steps 2


1. Upload a pin image via your website or computer. (I recommend website unless you create a custom image with text)
2. If via website, input blog or website URL
3. Choose the image to pin from your website
4. Choose which board to pin to


Voila! You’ve created a marketable pin!

Here  example of Pins I created to point to this blog to get you inspired.

Love Eternally Book Review            Yosemite Day Hike                  Cinque Terre


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Happy Pinning


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