The Only Time I Ever Went Viral (And What I Learned)

Most of you know me as a travel blogger and flight attendant, but today isn’t about flying, it’s about my embarrassing viral video. Let me begin by saying that when I went viral, it was a complete shock. Was it something I hoped would go viral? No! Am I a bit embarrassed that it went viral? Perhaps…


So what went viral and why?


I wish I could boast that it was one of my travel posts, or even a post about the flight attendant life…nope. What went viral was a Youtube post. It was my first post ever on Youtube and I only made it because I was in college, and bored. If you read my blog you know that besides traveling like a fiend, I also love to bake. In this you tube video that ended up going viral, I was showing how to make pumpkin puree from fresh pumpkins instead of using canned pumpkin.

It was my first ever video so the editing was hysterically bad. I wasn’t taking it seriously, my TV was even on in the background! So why did it go viral?

Probably because I was acting like a total dingbat!

No seriously, perfect videos don’t go viral. This video went viral because everyone had an opinion about it. Look at the comments and you’ll see I took a lot of shit…everyone hated me. Others got that I just wasn’t taking myself seriously (thank goodness) but most people just posted hat comments. Honestly, I thought it was funny reading all the comments.

Top 3 Lessons I Learned From Going Viral


1. Don’t post anything on the internet you’re not prepared to go viral

I honestly only thought my grandma would ever see this video. So it wasn’t a big deal to turn off the TV in the background. Do I wish the video had better editing and looked more professional? Of course! What I took from this is that I do my best not to post anything that I am not completely proud of and ready for people to see. I try to keep things more professional these days 😉


2. Only put yourself out there if you have a thick skin

I was just being a goober in this video so it didn’t bother me that everyone was hating on me in the comments. They don’t know me and they just didn’t “get it” so to speak. Had all these comments come from a thoughtful travel post that I had spent hours on, it probably would have hurt so much hearing some of the things commenters on the youtube thread said about me. As a blogger or anyone on social media, you have to be prepared to hear horrible things, because honestly, the internet makes it so much easier for people to be mean.


3. Let people in and they’ll want more

Being professional is great, but I honestly think part of why it went viral is because I was being a goober. The editing was bad. There were just so many quirks to the video that everyone had something different to say about it. Whether they loved me or hated me…it was creating a buzz.


So without further ado…See the video for yourself and witness college-age Luv Aviatrix in all her shameless glory 😉



To fully appreciate the video, I recommend reading some of the comments I got. Craaaazy.


So, have you ever had put something on social media and regretted it later?


Happy Fall Baking


The Luv Aviatrix