The Coolest Airbnb in Paris

Bonjour! If you know me, than you know I love Paris. It’s my favorite city in the entire world, and I’ve done quite a bit of traveling. Perk of the job. There’s just something about all the history, all of the art, and the slow way in which the locals enjoy a coffee or a meal. As a writer, I love meandering the same cobblestone streets that Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, and countless other writers have called home and been inspired by. Or if you prefer art, what artist did not live in and love Paris?


The Eiffel Tower, Oaris - The Luv Aviatrix's Airbnb Review


But I’ll not get too carried away discussing the hundreds of reasons I love Paris in this post, instead, I’m going to tell you where to stay. My goal today is to enlighten travelers about the unique option while in Paris, of staying at an “Airbnb” instead of a hotel. I like Airbnb, although I’ll be honest, I have had hit and miss occasions. This occasion in Paris was a hit, and I’d love nothing more than to tell fellow travelers about my unique experience.  But wait, you haven’t heard of Airbnb?


Airbnb for Dummies.

What is Airbnb?  In a nutshell, Airbnb is accommodation via personal homes and apartment rentals. Via the website, the user can choose to rent only a room, or an entire apartment or home. You can search for homes all over the world, some Airbnbs renting for as little as $7 USD and some as expensive as thousands of dollars per night. This is because Airbnb offers everything from a camp rental or room rental, to giant beach front vacation homes. Generally, I don’t rent anything over $200 a night.


My Favorite Airbnb in Paris

There were two key reasons why this apartment is amazing.

1. Location. In the heart of Le Marais, the historical heart of Paris with winding, cobblestone alleys and quaint bistros. The apartment is located right on St. Catherine’s Square and strolling distance to Place des Vosges. You can walk everywhere in Le Marais, but if you do choose to venture farther, a metro stop was less than two minutes walk from this Airbnb. Some of the best food I’ve had in Paris was less than a block away from our stay at this wonderful Airbnb. If you want quintessential Paris, then to be able to stay in Le Marais is a must accommodation-wise. Having a metro stop is even more significant, because the transit system is super easy to navigate and can get you everywhere in Paris.

2. Unique Parisian Feel. Let’s be honest, the only reason to avoid a chain hotel, is because you want a unique experience and homey feel. When you stay in Paris, you want to feel like a local. What better way than to rent a local Parsian’s home or apartment. Everything about this Airbnb screamed Paris, but also artist. From the winding staircase up to the apartment door, to the giant wall-size map of Paris in the living room, you’ll be transported. Don’t even get me started on the Absinthe shop beneath the apartment. So cool! The quirks continued inside the partment with lighting in the shape of…well scroll down and you’ll see 😉 My favorite touch beside the giant wall map of Paris would have to be the wood beam ceiling. Just magical and as you can see by my pictures, this Airbnb was full of Parisian charm.


This Paris Airbnb is full of charm - A Luv Aviatrix Review


This Paris Airbnb is full of charm - A Luv Aviatrix Review


This Paris Airbnb is full of Parisian Charm - a Luv Aviatrix Review


I never met the host (as in some Airbnb cases), but I was given the location of the key to let myself into the apartment. All of the normal amenities were available, such as shampoo, conditioner, ect. Another perk of an Airbnb, is having a full kitchen in the apartment. The kitchen was complete with everything we need and we made quick use of the wine opener to celebrate our arrival into our cozy Parisian nest.  Our bed was incredibly comfortable (or maybe it was the French wine) and we slept in late into the following afternoon. Nothing beats a lazy day in Paris!


Le Marais, Paris, Airbnb Review

Perks of Airbnb

I stay in hotels a lot as a flight attendant, and it can feel quite stale. Every hotel looks similar. You walk in and out like a tourist or business person. Airbnb lets you live like a local! Not only that, but there is the perfect Airbnb for every personality. I loved the very unique and Parisian feel of this Airbnb, but maybe you’re into a sleek, modern look-Airbnb has so many hosts that there is a home for every style. Are you a cook back home and you want a gourmet kitchen in the middle of Paris? Airbnb will help you find what you need. There’s just something more personal about staying in an Airbnb and no matter what city I’m in, the accommodation definitely makes my stay all the more memorable. Just like hotels, Airbnb accommodations get cleaned, and probably better than hotels because they rely heavily on reviews. Sometimes you will see this small cleaning fee either included, or on top of the apartment/home charges.

Airbnb not your thing? Start pricing hotels in Paris. After all, planning is half the fun!



The coolest Airbnb in Paris    Final Verdict

This Airbnb has got to be the coolest place to stay in Paris. And it cost less than $100 a night! It’s so unique both inside and outside the apartment and full, from floor to ceiling, or Parisian charm. You’ll feel like a local when you step outside onto the quaint cobblestone street, only minutes away from bistros and the metro. So go to Paris, stay like a local, and cram as much macaroons and cheese into your suitcase as you can 😉


New to Airbnb? Get $35 USD in credit when you sign up or stay using my reference code here. It’s free to sign up.  Get on the site, but prepare to get addicted! There are so many amazing places in the world to stay and so many incredible Airbnbs!



Happy Travels


The Luv Aviatrix


This is an honest review done of my own will and opinion and was not paid for by Airbnb or it’s host although this post does contain affiliate links which I may make a commission from.


Start planning your next trip to Paris and pin this image for later 🙂


The Coolest Airbnb in Paris - Stay like a local!


P.S. Want the travel book in that photo I took at the café? It’s one of my favorite walking guides to Paris. There’s no better way to get to love Paris than to walk. I’m not sure if they still make that specific books anymore, but Frommers is always putting out new editions.

P.P.S. Prefer fiction? Check out my post A Flight Attendant’s Bookshelf for my favorite travel reads!



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27 thoughts on “The Coolest Airbnb in Paris

    1. It’s so great because you really do get a unique, personal place to stay. And Airbnb has great customer service. There has been one time when I was very disappointed and Airbnb refunded my money.

  1. I air bnb’d in Dieppe in France and it was also lovely to have that extra space. It looks like you had a great time in Paris and I’d certainly consider using Air BnB to stay there. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Another flight attendant blogger! I, too, love Paris and am overjoyed when work calls me to visit the City of Light.

    That being said, since I often visit Paris for work, I haven’t been on my own time, so I don’t generally have good recommendations when people ask me where to stay in the city. This AirBnb looks wonderful, charming and centrally located and I’ll definitely recommend it to the next person who asks!

    AirBnb is great. I love the range of options–especially the fact that some of them cater to budget travelers and backpackers!

    1. Erika, I think I’ve stumbled across you before, it’s nice to meet you again! I agree, sometimes when you layover places, it’s easier to want to go somewhere else on days off. We’re spoiled like that 😉 Paris is one of my favorite cities though and I studied Paris at university so I continue going back and I love discovering new places to stay. 🙂

  3. Wow! I am already swaged by the fact that you are an airhostess! I want your job..:P… Coming back to your lovely post, Paris is one of my favorite destinations where I tend to go to celebrate special days like this time was my birthday! I have used AirBnB in Paris before, and this guide is indeed very helpful. Anything in the heart of the city for less than 100 $ sounds like a killer deal!! Thanks for such an amazing review of the apartment and I will definitely keep this in mind and pass this post onto my friends for their future references!! Much love from Amsterdam

    1. Priyanka, you’re so lucky to live in Amsterdam! I love that place, the people are so friendly! You’re right, $100 in Paris (especially so much space and amenities and location) is nuts! I’m so glad you stopped by. P.S. I come from an airline family so I grew up wanting to be a flight attendant and I recommend it to anyone. It’s amazing!

  4. I have never been brave enough to stay in an AirBnB yet because I don’t know what to expect. But if I was a flight attendant who stays in hotels alot, like you, I’d probably opt for it rather than a hotel. And this one sounds great. And I love the price!

  5. I totally love Airbnb! Fortunately, until now I never had a bad experience. Paris is a city I always keep on going back because of what you mention: it reminds me of so many things found in Literature. I always stay at a friend’s house but definitely, I will consider using Airbnb there someday.

  6. You’re so right! Hotels can get a bit stale, and who doesn’t want to live as a local in Paris! I’ve been looking up some options and I really think Airbnb is the way to go when we visit Paris next year! I’ll add this to the maybe pile, thanks so much!

  7. I’ve never been to Paris yet but I hope to visit one day soon! I have heard a lot of great things about airbnb. I never knew they used it in Paris as well. How awesome! I will have to check out future airbnb’s if I travel there.

  8. I’ve heard great thinks about Airbnb in general. To visit Paris and be in that super cool apartment – in such an amazing location – and for under $100 a night?! I’m definitely going to look into Airbnb when we travel next.

  9. Agree with you 100% Airbnb’s are much more interesting than hotel rooms. Love the charm and staircase of your place in Paris. Pretty cool! No better way of getting a local feel than from Airbnb 🙂

  10. I’m with you – Airbnb is the way to go for accommodation! I’ve been using it for a while now, but haven’t gotten hugely involved. I’m planning to use it more when I move to Europe later this year!

  11. Agreed that AirBNB is the way to go – especially when you’re in Paris!! This one you stayed in looks SO lovely (and perfectly Parian). I stayed in an AirBNB in Paris as well. It was the size of a shoebox lol but it was in a lovely area and only cost 40 euros a night (split between 2 it was a steal!). Tons of great deals on that site for sure.

  12. I’m sure you got plenty of romance inspiration from that Paris trip! I’ve not used air Bnb yet, but some friends have rented out flats in London and love it!

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